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Delloma RV Park Laser Tag

Delloma RV has the largest Laser Tag park in the country!

We provide a 2hr session including warm up in fort Delloma 15 min,  a 40 min capture the flag and a 40 min last tagger standing.

Our prices run $35 dollars per tagger with a discount down to $25 dollars per tagger if 10 taggers sign up. We can handle groups of 20 currently.

Walk on’s are welcome but subject to current use of the field, but
reservations are encouraged.

We can handle clubs, reunions, schools, churches,office parties and almost any group. We supply the taggers and the field Marshall. You need to appropriate attire, energy, lots of camo and no open toed shoes. We run rain or shine check 96010 zip code on the weather channel for current weather.

This isn’t like playing paint ball!

Laser tag is like paint ball but on steroids. The taggers are very high tech with audible sounds of firing,getting hit and out of the game sounds.

The metal bodies and realistic make up of the Adventure Sports HQ taggers are top notch. The programing is not only advanced it is set up for tomorrows innovations. The range of 600′ during the day and 1200′ at night is slightly underestimated. The cost of $25 to 35$ for a 2 hr session isn’t even comparable to what it cost for paint ball. We do have to admit that laser tag is a lot less painful than paintball and some people need the pain.

Rules while in the field:

No smoking
No alcoholic beverages water will be provided for groups
No climbing trees
No using the taggers as clubs
Do not lay taggers down unattended( they are your responsibility)
Stay in bounds (Yellow Tape)
No open toe shoes
The field Marshall is the final say for all disagreements.

Other Activities at Delloma RV Park

A picnic or buffet will liven up a day. Group and family get together are a natural in the great out-of-doors. We have great fishing for the treasured King (Chinook) Salmon or the elusive Steelhead which can put up quite a fight. Challenge someone in the game room on the mini golf course.

Delloma RV has the largest Laser Tag park in the country!

Pool Table  Fishing

Mini Golf  Swimming Pool