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News at Del Loma RV Park & Campground

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The Monument Fire started as a result of a lightning strike on July 30, about 1 mile from the Park on top of the ridge to the South East. It has since expanded to more than 50,000 acres. Fortunately fire crews saved the Park and the community of Del Loma. It looks like we are now in the clear (hopefully) but Highway 299 will be closed for a while and the park is temporarily closed. We hope to reopen before too long. Thanks for everyone's support and we are sending our thoughts to those who have lost their homes and businesses in nearby areas, or are currently evacuated. Photos show the very beginning of the fire late Friday night, July 30, on the ridge line, and its progression over that weekend, with fire crews arriving shortly thereafter. The owners slept in the soccer field to keep their eyes on the fire progression on the hillside overnight. Thanks to our incredible staff who chose to stay on longer and help the fire crews before evacuating. It's crazy to be the epicenter of such a major fire. Silver lining, if we make it through, we should have greatly reduced wildfire risk for years to come!

  • jschwarz227

Some ideas for how to spend a perfect couple of days in Del Loma before summer winds down.

Day One:

Morning: Sip a Frappe or Blue Bottle coffee on the patio and watch the sun rise. Walk down to the beach and float on inner tubes or a stand up paddleboard; jump off the rocks across the river. Let the kids explore the Park on their bikes and play in the game room or mini golf.

Afternoon: Half-day rafting with Redwoods & Rivers next door. Enjoy wood fired pizza on the patio of the Strawhouse Resort. Take advantage of live music, Bingo, ice cream social, or other activities happening in the Park. Watch the Perseids Meteor Shower from the sports field (July 17 to Aug. 26 with a peak Aug 11 to 13)

Day Two:

Morning: Organize a fun game of soccer, corn hole, or disc golf while the temperature is still cool. Learn about gold panning from our in-residence expert, Dave Walter. Take a walk on the surrounding trails.

Afternoon: Head out to cool off and jump off rocks at one of the excellent beaches/swimming holes nearby. Treat yourself to a soft serve from the store. Play a game of volleyball (pool or regular). Happy hour socializing with Giant Jenga in the beer garden or at the gazebo near the river.

  • jschwarz227

The sports field at Del Loma is ready for action! Come on down or upriver for a casual game of soccer, ultimate frisbee, rugby, or touch football followed by a cold drink in the beer garden. Call 530-623-2834 for more information.

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