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Enhanced Wi Fi 

Note: there is no cellular service in Del Loma at this time; plan to use Wi Fi for texting and browser-based apps such as Skype and Facetime for any voice calls, as Internet bandwidth allows.

Note: We have been experiencing periodic Internet outages. Satellite internet to remote locations is imperfect (and expensive). We are working with our satellite provider to improve reliability to the extent possible.

Wi Fi Situation

​Starlink is coming but won’t be available to us until later in 2021. Until then we’ve upgraded our satellite internet plan so that you can have access to basic Internet. Slow speed Internet is available free of charge (with a password).  For a daily fee, you’ll have access to medium speed Internet.  Close to the routers, we’ve set up a sofa and table in the game room and some shaded patio seating near the store where you can set up with your laptop.  

We should average speeds of 1 to 2 MB per second close to each router. Zoom requires at least 1.5 MB per second so it will be hit and miss (5 MB per second is considered optimal for Zoom). (Starlink is promising speeds of 30 to 80 MB per second or more).

Voice and Video Calls

At 1 to 3 MB per second, you can use browser-based voice and videoconferencing such as Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, and FaceTime. However, speeds vary and even when it works, it may lag at times. Email and general web browsing should work well enough (except during outages). 

Wi Fi Fees

Slow speed Internet good enough for text messaging is free of charge. Since our Internet is satellite-based, it is not cheap. To offer faster speed we need to recoup some of the cost. We’re offering medium speed Wi Fi for a fee.

This is a work in progress. We'll monitor Internet speed and performance and make adjustments as we go. Check here for regular updates on how the Wi Fi is working.

​Download Before You Come

Please do not plan on streaming and downloading videos or playing video games over the Internet. Please download movies and TV shows before you come, this will keep Wi Fi speeds faster for everyone.

​Movie Library

Remember VCRs? The park has a free library of more than 100 VHS movies and a few dozen DVDs. The double wide has a VHS and DVD player and the cabins all have VCRs. 

Cable TV

The park has free cable TV in cabins and doublewides and hook-ups at most RV sites. Currently the 23 channels include Disney Family, 6 Showtime channels, Flix, The Movie Channel West, The Movie Channel Xtra, and Sundance.