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Are you open all year-round?

Yes, we are currently open all year.

Can I park my car next to the cabin, glamping tent, or RV/tent site?

Yes. If your extra cars cannot fit at the site, you may park in the overflow parking areas on the property. There is a two car per site limit. Extra cars are subject to a fee of $15 per night.


How many people can fit into a cabin?

The policy is flexible, based on guests level of comfort but generally small cabins can fit 4 people and large cabins can fit 5 or 6 if you use the loft space.  Extra person charges apply beyond the first 2 people.

Can I put up a tent on a cabin or glamping tent site?

Yes. The small cabins have space in front for tents. Some glamping tents have more space for tents than others. Large cabins have less space around and in front of them. Putting up tents is generally allowed if they do not interfere with neighboring guests, access to restrooms, etc. The usual extra person and extra car fees apply.


Are campfires allowed?

Campfires are allowed at RV and cabin sites in the designated fire pits for most of the year. If during the Summer fire danger becomes elevated fires will no longer be allowed.

All fires must be kept at a moderate, safe size and closely attended with appropriate water and tools available to control and extinguish as necessary. Fire safety practices must be used at all times including completing putting out fires before they are left unattended.

Fires are not allowed in the dry tent sites due to dryness, fuel for a wildfire and limited water supply.

Are there BBQs or grills at the sites?

Cabin and RV sites have grills that are part of the campfire pits. The Park has a few large charcoal Weber BBQs available upon request (first come first serve).

Can I use an RV site for tent camping?

Yes but you must pay the RV site rate.


Do you have cell service?

No but you can make calls and text through the Wi Fi if you enable that on your phone.

How good is the Wi Fi?

We have two Starlink dishes and several booster antennas throughout the park.  Wi Fi speed is good enough to surf the web, make phone calls and text in many parts of the park. The signal is stronger in some places than others. Do not count on the ability to stream videos or video games at this time.


There is a free Wi Fi speed and a faster, paid speed using a credit card.  The free Wi Fi password will be provided upon check-in.


Do cabins have cooking utensils?

Yes. Basic cooking utensils (pots, pans, dishes, silverware, cups etc.) are provided in the large cabins. Small cabins do not have a stove top but they do have some basic cooking utensils. If you need something we often have surplus utensils we can provide upon request.

Do cabins and the 2BR doublewide have soap and shampoo?

Yes. Shampoo, soap and dish soap.

Can we drive to the beach/river access?

Yes, the road to the river access is open and parking is available.

What are the pool hours and season?

The pool is generally open 8 am to 9 pm. The pool opens around May 15 and closes around Oct. 1. The pool is solar heated and is typically 84 degrees.

Do cabins, glamping tents and the 2BR doublewide have towels and linens?

Yes. Clean linens, pillows and comforters are provided for all units.


Clean towels are provided for the cabins and 2BR doublewide. 


In the small cabins, the linens are in a bin and guests must make up the bunk beds and futon bed themselves.


In the large cabins, the bed in the bedroom will be ready to go with linens and comforter, and extra linens, pillows and comforters will be in the cabin for use on the futon in the living room and single mattress in the loft.


For glamping tents, bedding is already on the bed. Cots are available on request for guests with sleeping bags (first come first serve).


For the 2BR doublewide, the beds in both bedrooms are made. An inflatable double mattress with linens is available on request for the living room.


What appliances are in the cabins and glamping tents?

Cabins come with coffee makers, microwaves, toasters and mini fridges. The large cabins have a gas stove top.


The 2BR doublewide has a full kitchen with a large refrigerator, coffee maker, oven/stove, toaster & microwave.

All units have heaters (glamping tents have radiating space heaters). Cabins and 2BR doublewide have AC. Glamping tents have fans.


Unplugged glamping tent does not have any appliances.

Is coffee provided?

Cabins and the 2BR doublewide have coffee makers but guests should bring their own coffee.  The store sells coffee grinds and premium drip coffee by the cup.

What items does the store have?

The store has basic groceries, snacks, ice, ice cream, and camping supplies including firewood for sale.

Food:   general convenience store items including cheese, milk, chips, nuts, frozen burritos and dinners, premium ice cream (Blue Bunny), canned chili, sugar, spices, bread, buns, etc.

Drinks:  a variety of beverages including water, sports drinks, flavored iced teas, sodas, beer, hard seltzers and wine

Camping Supplies, Gifts & Toys: small stove propane cannisters, bug spray, kindling, charcoal, paper towels, ointments and over the counter medicine, and a small gift and toy section including t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats


Is electricity charged separately?

Due to high PG&E bills and to encourage the conserving of energy, we reserve the right to charge for electricity based on reading the meter at the site before and after a guest’s stay.  Electricity is currently charged at the same rate PG&E charges us - $0.40 per kwh but subject to change if our PG&E rates increase. 

Guests can monitor their electrical usage and charges by reading the meter at their site.

Can I charge my EV?

Yes however …. the electrical outlets in the cabins are not designed to support EV charging.  The outlets on the meter posts next to the cabins can be used for EV charging. Avance permission must be requested and the charging is subject to a one time $30 administrative fee per stay. Electricity will be charged at $0.35 per kwh based on a before and after reading of the meter.

What fun activities are organized each weekend?

It varies by weekend, but we try to have one or more social activities each weekend, such as Weiner roasts, beer tasting, ice cream socials, movie and bingo nights, and cornhole and cup pong tournaments. A large slip n’ slide is also put out every weekend.  

We welcome guest recommendations for other types of activities.

Do you have laundry services?

Yes. Due to high costs of maintenance, electricity and propane, coin op laundry is $5 per wash load and $0.25 per 5 minutes for the dryers. You can exchange for quarters at the store.

Is there a game room?

Yes we have a game room with pool and foosball (free) and several arcade video games. The game room closes at 10 pm. 

Do we have to pay extra for mini golf, disc golf, bocce, ping pong, etc.?

No these are included in the overnight rate and day use fees.

Is there somewhere to let dogs off leash?

Yes. There is a 3,000 sf dog park in the trees between the small cabins and tent sites.

Do you sell fishing licenses?

No. You should get licenses before you visit. Licenses are sold in Willow Creek and Weaverville.

Do you sell fishing gear and bait?

Yes, we have a section with fishing lures and other supplies and usually have worms and roe for sale.

Other questions give us a call at 530-623-2834.

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