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News at Del Loma RV Park & Campground

  • jschwarz227

Java lovers, in addition to Peet's we now carry Blue Bottle Coffee's Beta Blend, served in a 12 oz. French press. "Richly bittersweet. Caramel, Brazil nut, cedar, blood orange, honeysuckle, in aroma and cup." It's so pleasant we may charge just to smell it! Sip a yummy cup while watching the sun rise over the ridge, and the scenery come to life.

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Mark your calendar for Friday evening June 11 at 6 pm - free weenie roast and s'mores at the beer garden patio with cornhole, mini golf challenges, and, potentially, some live music.

Bingo Night for the kids will follow at 8 pm in the game room with fun prizes.

PLUS: Saturday morning 10 am - kick the can and other games for kids (meet at the store) and family pool volleyball showdown at 11:30 am.

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  • jschwarz227

Great vibe last Saturday evening in the patio under the new string lights after a lot of hard work to make updates to the park. Soft serve ice cream is back, from a store with stocked shelves! Excited for the unofficial season opener this holiday weekend!

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