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News at Del Loma RV Park & Campground

  • jschwarz227

The 299 road closure from the East is now located right at the Park, so there are no longer delays Westbound from the Weaverville/Redding direction. From the West, a pilot car leads drivers from Burnt Ranch every 45 to 60 minutes. Salmon have been sighted in good numbers and are biting. Fishermen going down river from the park can access by following a pilot car group and pull off at any location. Coming back East to the Park, you'll need to wait for a pilot car group and follow behind. Note, the Forest Service has announced some temporary restrictions on access to national forest service lands in the area.

  • jschwarz227

The Park has been incredibly fortunate to have been spared from the wildfire thanks to the tireless fire crews. There is now a green oasis in the Park itself and the surrounding hills. We're open again for visitors, so book online. The air is getting better by the day. Knock on wood, but there are signs of a major resurgence of King Salmon, currently en route from the Klamath, expected to make it to here any day. Steelhead are also starting to fish well. With federal land closures making it hard to access the river, we have ample fishing holes to go around right at the park. Check out the recent fishing reports:

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